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HuTong established in accordance with modern enterprise system. It has a standard structure with legal person management and a scientific and reasonable system on labor, personnel and allocation. As for business, the company is making full use of advantages in domestic and foreign customer resources, marketing network and processing ability to deal in import and export, domestic trade, investment and securities. We also undertake varieties of business by the way of joint-venture or cooperation.

HuTong devoted himself to supply quality products like chemicals,minerals for industry of paint,pigment,oil drilling,water treatment,auto brake,heat-insulation etc..

Based on the trend of economic globalization and international trade market oriented, the company has set up a scientific and reasonable developing strategy focusing on enrolling and training talented people, establishing and improving the system of inspiration and binding to the manager. It will develop towards diversification and internationalization with a scientific and modern management system.

The company expanding it’s business by philosophy of “Honor contract,mutual beneficial”.HuTong won highly reputation by it’s efficiency and honesty.

HuTong abiding by the international trade practice and adhering to the principles of honoring the contract, keeping to its promise, best services and mutual development, has established a wide cooperative relationship with the friends of international commercial, industrial, scientific and technological from all the countries and districts of the world. It hopes, through this trade tie, to make the further connection between domestic market and overseas market. 

HuTong sincerely wishes to cooperate with domestic and foreign friends, and create the future hand in hand!

barite barite -
barite powder,barite milled powder
Quality: Api 13a
Application Barite powder is widely used as a weighting agent for...[more]
barite lump barite lump -
barie lump

BaSO4 90%min Specific Gravity ...[more]
bentonite bentonite -
Bentonite for Oil Drilling 1. good property of thicking , anti-settling thixotropy ,emulsion stabilty and gel-dispersability. 2....[more]
Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) -
CMC Sodium for oil drilling liquids
Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) CMC can be used in Oil drilling industry...[more]
calcium carbonate calcium carbonate -
Natural Calcium Carbonate Drilling Additives for Oil Exploration Industries           ...[more]
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