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PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride

PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride

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PAC Poly aluminum chloride
PAC-V(for industrical grade) is a novel highly efficient inorganic polymer coagulant. This product is made from bauxite, hydrochloric acid or aluminum-containing hydrochloric acid, calcium aluminate powder employing advanced technology. It is cheap and has good flocculation efficiency. Its water purification capacity is higher than the traditional aluminum sulfate and ferric salt inorganic coagulants. The solid product is produced employing the spray drying technology and the obtained product is yellow powder.
 Flocculation characteristics and performance
* Lower dosage than traditional agent aluminium phosphate. Flocs form quickly and settle quickly. Good water quality can be achieved after the treatment.
* Low decrease in water alkalinity and low decrease in effluent PH value.
* Efficient in wide pH range. Can be used in the pH range of 5.0-9.0.
* Efficient for treatment of waste water containing phosphorus, sulphur or ammonia-N
The best application
* Treatment of various kinds of waste water. (Paper-making, Dying, Leather industry, Ceramic, Metallurgy, Mining, Fluorin-containing, Oil-containing, Coal-washing, Food)
* Treatment of reclaimed water
* Treatment of reinjection water for oil wells
* Treatment of circulating cooling water
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