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Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite

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Sodium Nitrite 
Main physical and chemical properties:Industrial sodium nitrite is white or yellowish crystal.Pure sodium nitrite's specific gravity is 2.17 when 20 oC,fusing point 271oC.It possesses reducibility,oxidizibility and hygroscopy.It melts in water easily while little in alcohol and ether.It is noxious,not smelly,and salty a little.It will burn or explode easily if put together with organic matters.
Usage:It is mainly used to make dye,plastic,synthetic fibre,chemical reagent and anti-freeing agent.It can also used in medical industry,photography,food-making industry and metal-heat-treatment industry and so on.
Technical Index:GB2367-90
Dangerous Characters:Mixing of strong oxidant with organics is easy to burn and explode and the strong oxidant helps fire behavior when meeting the combustible;contacting of strong oxidant with sulfur oxide,sodium sulphite,reducer or strong acid can cause burning or explosion.
Exterior:Yellowish or white crystal
Packaging:Our product is packed by national standards,i.e.in plastic textile bag with polyethylene-film bag as lining.It has a net weight of 50kg per bag.If you need special packaging,please consult with us separately.
Storage and Transport:Please keep the product in shady,cool place and keep it from moisture and exposure to the sun.Please transport it by rail boxcar or other vehicles with awning and cover.
Standard of Quality:
The Content of Composition (GB2367-90)
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Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Nitrate
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