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activated carbon activated carbon -
Activated Carbon for water purification   Mesh Diameter(mm) A.8*16 1-2.38 B.8*20 0.84-2.38 C.8*30 0.59...[more]

PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride -
PAC Poly aluminum chloride
PAC-V(for industrical grade) is a novel highly efficient inorganic polymer coagulant. This product is made from bauxite, hydrochloric acid or aluminum-containing hydrochloric acid, calcium aluminate powder employing advanced technology. It is cheap and has good flocculation efficiency. Its water purification capacity is higher than the traditional aluminum sulfate and ferric salt inorganic coagulants. The solid product is produced employing the spray drying techno...[more]

Aluminum Sulphate Aluminum Sulphate -
Aluminum Sulphate
Appearance : White lumps/granules/ powder
Al2O3: 15.8% min
Fe: 0.45% max
PH value: 3.0 min
Water-insoluble Matter: 0.15% max
As: 0.0005% max
Pb: 0.002% max
Grain size:15mm max flake
Packing: 25/50kg/bag, 25MT/20FCL

calcium hypochlorite calcium hypochlorite -
Calcium Hypochlorite   Chemical Formula: Ca(ClO)2 Molecular weight: 143 HS CODE:28281000 Calcium process(UNNO1748) Active Chlorine: 65% Moisture:3% max Granular size: 8 to 30 meshes (0.055mm-2mm) Calcium chlorite: 9%   Sodium process(UNNO2880) Active Chlorine: 65%-70%min Moisture:5.5-10% max Granular size:14 to 50 meshes NaCl:14.50% Appearance: white or light-grey granule   Application: It can whiten pulp ,silk, cloth, fibre and starch.Dealing with the polluted ...[more]

Sodium Percarbonate Sodium Percarbonate - coated/uncoated/tablet
Sodium Percarbonate Coated/Uncoated/Tablet
1.CAS NO.: 15630-89-4
2.Type: coated,uncoated,tablet
3.App;ication: Bleaching, sterilization   CAS RN: 15630-89-4     EINECS: 239-707-6
Molecular Weight: 314.02
Molecular Formula: 2Na2CO3•3H2O2 Specifications:
Appearance White powder or granular crystal   Application: 1. Widely used in detergents aids or in bleaching agents; 2. As bleaching agent, dyeing & finish agent in t...[more]

Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic - AA/AMPS
Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer(AA/AMPS)   CAS No.: 40623-75-4
Structural Formula:
AA/AMPS is the copolymer of acrylic acid and 2-acrylanmido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid (AMPS). Due to including carboxylic group (scale inhibition and dispersion) and sulfonic acid group (strong polarity) in this copolymer, AA/AMPS has high calcium tolerance and good scale inhibition for calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and zinc scale. When...[more]

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