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high purity barium carbonate high purity barium carbonate -
High Purity Super-slight Barium Carbonate for ceramic capacitor        Property: white powder, soluble in acid, insoluble in water and alcohol. Technical specification:
Uses: making ceramic capacitor such as high-tension alternating-current capacitor. ultrasonic alternating-energy device, piezoelectric ceramic, etc. making MLCC, memory device of computer, microwave medium. Package: bag with filmed plastic-weave bags outer and plastic bags inner, net weight: ...[more]

barium sulfate BSM-MA barium sulfate BSM-MA -
Barium Sulfate (BSM-MA)

As a high-precision innovative function filler of nanometer-class, BSM-MA is specially developed for electronic printing ink and writing ink industry. The use of complete and uniform film coating technology enables it to have highly efficient pigment dispersibility and to fully retain each pigment crystal grain around it and well distribute in resin and solvent so that the intrinsic hiding power and optical performance of each pigment crystal g...[more]

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