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Sodium Metal Sodium Metal - Na

Property: Silvery white, light, soft and extensible solid metal, lighter than water, in shape of wax at normal temperature. Quickly oxidizes in air, reacts violently and releases hydrogen and sodium hydroxide with water or humidity, gives out a lot of heat, causes burns or explosion, can reacts with halogen and inorganic and organic matter.

Application:Used as reducing agent in organic synthesis and metal smelting, the synthetic rubber catalyst, oil desulfurization agent, and also ...[more]

lithium rod 99.9% lithium rod 99.9% -
Lithium Rods 99.9%

Molecular formula:Li
smell:Odor Odorless
appearance:Appearance Silvery-white soft metal solid
Melting point:180.5℃ Melting Point
density:0.534g/cc Density
Molecular weight:6.94

Appearance and Quality:
Lithium ingots is silvery-white column metal solid, bright; Section is smooth without obvious shrinkage and crack; The inner structure is compact and has no slag, bubble and white oil.


lithium rod lithium rod - 7439-93-2
Lithium metal ingot

CAS NO. : 7439-93-2
Formula : Li
Appearance : Metallic silver substance
Atomic weight : 6.94
Density : 0.534g/cm3
Melting points : 180.5°C
Boiling Point : 1317°C
Hardness(Mohs) : 0.6
Volume increase on melting : 1.51%

Application : Mainly used in battery,synthetic rubber and pharmaceutical industries
Packing : Vacuum wrapped with aluminum foil plastic bag and put in dry steel drums. The ingots, foils, ...[more]

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