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Hexamethyldisilazane, HMDS Hexamethyldisilazane, HMDS - HMDS cas 999-97-3
Hexamethyldisilazane, HMDS
1. CAS No.: 999-97-3
2. Purity: 98%
3. Used as hydrophobing agent for filler   Chemical Name: Silane coupling agent Hexamethyldisilazane, HMDS Synonym:  1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexamethyldisilazane; Bis(trimethylsilyl)amine   1. Properties: CAS No.: 999-97-3 EINECS No.: 213-668-5 Formula: C6H19NSi2 Molecular Weight: 161.39 Boiling Point: 125 Flash Point: 20 Density [25]:0.765 Refractive Index...[more]

Silicone Oil for Syringe Needles and Scalpel Silicone Oil for Syringe Needles and Scalpel -
Silicone Oil for Syringe Needles and Scalpel

102 medical silicone oil

Independent intellectual property right
ISO9001 international quality management system

102 Medical Silicone oil spary




Tetramethyldisiloxane Tetramethyldisiloxane - 2627-95-4
Tetramethyl divinylsiloxane
cas : 2627-95-4
Molecular formula:(CH3)2SiHOHSi(CH3)2
Molecular Weight:186.4
Properties:Colorless, transparent liqued.
Technical specifications:

Applications:It's windely used for the moulding silicone rubber, silicon–gelatum, liquid silicone, vinyl silicon resin, vinyl silicon oil, Platinum chromium compound products.

Package: Iron or plastic drum .Net weight:160kg.

1.Store at -45--35.It is proh...[more]

Tetramethyldivinyldisilazane Tetramethyldivinyldisilazane - 7691-02-3
Tetramethyldivinyldisilazane (DVTMDZ)

 Molecular formula:C8H19NSi2Molecular
 Properties:Colorless,transparent liquid .

 Applications:It's windely used for the silicone rubber, silicone resin rubber  and  manufacturing of vinyl-silicone resin. Processing agents of co...[more]

Trimethylsilyl iodide Trimethylsilyl iodide - 16029-98-4
Trimethylsilyl iodide  (TMIS)

Cas: 16029-98-4 
Trimethylsilyl iodide
Molecular formula:(CH3)3SiI
Molecular weight:200.1
Properties:water clear to pinkish-red liquid, reacts with water.
Technical specifications:

 Applications:Synthetic chemistry reagent for cleaving ethers,esters,carbamates,ketals,and lactones. Used in the synthesis of ceftazidime.
Package:composited drum
Net weight: steel-plastic com...[more]

Heptamethyldisilazane Heptamethyldisilazane - 1450-14-2
Heptamethyldisilazane (HPMDS)
Cas :1450-14-2
Molecular Formula:(CH3)3SiN(CH3)Si(CH3)3   Molecular Weight:175.4
Properties:Colorless, transparent liquid. It doesn’t dissolve into water, but it can dissolve into organic solvent. It can become salts chemical compound when meeting acidic materials.
Technical Specifications: 

Applications: It is widely used in producing pesticide, animal medicine, etc. as a group-protecting agent.
Package: Iron...[more]

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