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Dioctyl sebacate Dioctyl sebacate -
DOS Dioctyl sebacate   DOS is an excellent cold-resistant plasticizer, has plasticized high efficiency, low volatility, cold-resistan   DOS is an excellent cold-resistant plasticizer, it has plasticized high efficiency, low volatility, not only bearing cold-resistant but also bearing heat-resistant, light-resistant, And electric insulativity, It is applicable for polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride copolymer, Cellulose, ethyl cellulose and synthetic rubber and other resins, It ...[more]

PE WAX    Application: Masrerbatch (decentralized, lubrication, brightness) PVC/tubing/plate (high efficiency of the external lubricant) Composite stabilizer (improving dispersion properties, prevent dust) The hot melt adhesive (improve thermal capacity, viscosity adjust) The hot melt signposts coating/roadmarking paint (improve thermal capacity, viscosity adjust) Rubber (improvement workability, carbon dispersant) Cable materials (increase filler, extrusion efficient) Ink ...[more]

Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) -
Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)  Quality Index & Model Quality Index & Model   Item Model &    Index CPE135 CPE230 CPE235 CM135 CM140 ...[more]

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) -
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)  Quality Index & Model Item Model &   Index J-700 Z-500 N-500 T-500 Granularity (40mesh)    ...[more]

Triethyl citrate (TEC) Triethyl citrate (TEC) -
Triethyl citrate (TEC) Cas no. : 77-93-0...[more]

Tributyl citrate (TBC) Tributyl citrate (TBC) -
Tributyl citrate (TBC) Cas no. : 77-94-1 1. Production application Tributyl citrate (TBC) is colorless oily liquid,it can be dissolved in most of the organic solvent,has low volatility plasticized high efficiency, it is dissolved in resin easily,TBC can increase the product's low temperature resistance, water resistance fungus resistance,it is nonpoisonous.LD=2900mg/kg. TBC is nonpoisonous plasticizer and can be use as the plasticizer in the production of Nonpoisonous PVC granulation,food p...[more]

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