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       HYDROXY-ETHYL-CELLULOSE (SOLID POWDER, HIGH VISCOSITY)               OIL DRILLING USAGE Plastic Viscosity    mPa.s (cp)            25 Cadence Point       Pa (lb/ft)               15 


bentonite bentonite -
Bentonite for Oil Drilling 1. good property of thicking , anti-settling thixotropy ,emulsion stabilty and gel-dispersability. 2. Suspension property, thixotropy, stability, protect wall of a well, strong anti-sedimentation ability in painting or ink. 3. Main application Oilfield drilling muds, emulsifying oil-based muds, oil-based jam release muds, lubricating oil, painting, ink, bio-carrier and so on. 4.Products technical data Appearance White Granularity (200mesh) % : ≥95 Moisture H...[more]

Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) -
CMC Sodium for oil drilling liquids
Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) CMC can be used in Oil drilling industry with the following characteristics: It has high power for controlling water loss.As a good non-Newtonian fluid, it will effectively control the mud's rheological property
Apperance Free flowing white powder.

CMC HV FOR OIL DRILLING GRADE Certificate of Analysis  

calcium carbonate calcium carbonate -
Natural Calcium Carbonate Drilling Additives for Oil Exploration Industries           Natural Calcium Carbonate powder is used as an acid soluble weighting and bridging agent in work over and completion fluids. Depending upon customer requirement, we can offer various grades and Particle size。As a weighting agent CaCo3 can be used to extend the brine’s maximum weights. As a bridging agent the correct blend of suitable Particle diameter can be use...[more]

tapioca starch tapioca starch -
tapioca starch
temperature resist: 110 celsius degree...[more]

calcium chloride calcium chloride -
Calcium Chloride                                               
  Chemical Formula:CaCl2
  CAS No. :10043-52-4
  Molecular Weight :110.983
  Appearance :white Powder / Flake / Granule / Pellet Calcium Chlorid...[more]

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