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calcium carbonate

calcium carbonate

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Natural Calcium Carbonate Drilling Additives for Oil Exploration Industries      
Natural Calcium Carbonate powder is used as an acid soluble weighting and bridging agent in work over and completion fluids. Depending upon customer requirement, we can offer various grades and Particle size。As a weighting agent CaCo3 can be used to extend the brine’s maximum weights. As a bridging agent the correct blend of suitable Particle diameter can be used to effectively for sealing the pores in the production formation, thus minimizing the invasion of fluid. Because the material is derived from Marble a metamorphic and highly crystalline form of Natural Calcium Carbonate it does not break down in the high shear conditions encountered in drilling. Breakdown of weaker materials derived from other sources, leads to increased invasion of the producing formation. After acidifying no material is left behind to impair the permeability of the producing formation when production of Oil starts.
Properties of the natural calcium carbonate:
• CaCO3: 95% min, SiO2: 1.5% max. MgO: 1.5% max.
• Colour : Super snow white ( Free from dirt & black dirt)
• Particle size : 80mesh,300mesh,500mesh.
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