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barium carbonate barium carbonate - cas 513-77-9
Barium Carbonate   CAS No.: 513-77-9 Other Names: carbonates of barium MF: BaCO3 Grade Standard: Reagent Grade Appearance: powder,granule   Properties: white powder, do not dissolve in water and alcohol, a slight hygroscopicity, at 1450 degrees decomposed into barium oxide and carbon dioxide, toxic.   Uses: Manufacturing optical glass, glass tubes and capacitors and barium magnetic materials, but also for steel and metal surface treatment carburizing, is to create bari...[more]

Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate -
BARIUM HYDROXIDE OCTAHYDRATE CAS NO.: 12230-71-6 Molecular formula: Ba(OH)2.8H2O Molecular weight: 315.46 UN No:1564 Characteristic: White crystals;easily soluble in hot water,hardly soluble in cool water,alcohol,and acetone. Package: 25kgs plastic woven bags or 500kg/1000kg tote bag. Application: Mainly used as the additive for the lubricant of internal-combustion engine. It is a kind of superfinished multi-purpose additive for barium-based grease and oil. It can also be used for beet ...[more]

Manganese Sulphate Manganese Sulphate -
Manganese Sulphate
qualities of granulated and powdered are conformed to gb1622-86, i. e: manganese sulphate (mnso4h2o):98% min. water insoluble matter:0.05% max. iron(fe):0.004% max. ph value 5.0-7.0 chloride (as cl):0.004% max.     Application: mainly used for making dryer of ink and paint, catalyzer of synthetic fatty acid, manganese compound; electrolyze metallic manganese, dyeing manganese oxide; and for printing/dyeing paper making, porcelain/ceramic paint, medicin...[more]

Nitric Acid Nitric Acid -
Nitric Acid 

Main physical and chemical properties: Hydrogen Nitrate(Nitric Acid)'s English name is HNO3.Pure hydrogen nitrate is colourless,transparent and fuming liquid,which is acid.Its ph is acidity,fusing point -42 oC,boiling point 86oC,relative density 1.5,relative vapour densuty 2.7,staturation vapour pressure (Kpa)4.4/20oC.It contains objectionable constituent CAS NO.It is miscible with water.There are weo kinds of hydrogen nitrate,the concentrated and the dilute.

Sodium Nitrite Sodium Nitrite -
Sodium Nitrite 
    Main physical and chemical properties:Industrial sodium nitrite is white or yellowish crystal.Pure sodium nitrite's specific gravity is 2.17 when 20 oC,fusing point 271oC.It possesses reducibility,oxidizibility and hygroscopy.It melts in water easily while little in alcohol and ether.It is noxious,not smelly,and salty a little.It will burn or explode easily if put together with organic matters.
Usage:It is mainly used to make dye,plastic,synthetic f...[more]

Sodium Nitrate Sodium Nitrate -
Sodium Nitrate   Main physical and chemical properties:Industrial sodium nitrate is white or yellowish crystal,with relative density 2.261 and fusing point 306.8oC.It melts in water easily and has little hygroscopy.If it contains a little chloride,its hygroscopy becomes much stronger;if it is heated to 380 oC,it begins to resolving.It tastes salty and cool.
Usage:It is mainly used to make potassium nitrate,mine explosive,picric acid,fuel,glass and enamel.It can also be used in metall...[more]

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