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Sodium Nitrate

Sodium Nitrate

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Sodium Nitrate
Main physical and chemical properties:Industrial sodium nitrate is white or yellowish crystal,with relative density 2.261 and fusing point 306.8oC.It melts in water easily and has little hygroscopy.If it contains a little chloride,its hygroscopy becomes much stronger;if it is heated to 380 oC,it begins to resolving.It tastes salty and cool.
Usage:It is mainly used to make potassium nitrate,mine explosive,picric acid,fuel,glass and enamel.It can also be used in metallurgical industry and machine building industry.
Technical Index: GB/T4553-2002
Dangerous Characters:Mixing of the inorganic oxidant with organic reducer or tinder,such as sulfur,phosphor or metal powder,can burn and explode and mixing of inorganic oxidant with ammonium cyanide will also salt and ser off poisonous and pungent gas,nitrogen oxides,and the inorganic oxidant will produce strong poisonous gas,nitrogen oxide,when heating and meeting acid.
Exterior:It is colourless crystal or tiny white crystal or powder,sometimes grayish or yellowish.
Packaging:Pack the product in plastic textile bag with polyethylene-film as lining.It has a net weight of 50kg per bag.If you need special packaging,please consult with us separately.
Storage and Transport:Please keep the storehouse dry and ventilate,and avoid storing the product together with acidoid,explosive material or other organic matters in the same house.Please handle it with care and take strict precautions against shake,friction and container damaged.
Standard of Quality:
The Content of Composition(GB/T4553-93 ¢ñ)
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Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Carbonate
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Insoluble Matter in Water
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