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Polyethylene oxide Polyethylene oxide - PEO
Dispersing agent for pulp-Poly Ethylene Oxide

Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO) is a non-ionic、high molecular weight polymer with good water solubility and heat formative. PEO is characterized with flocculent、thickening、sustained release、lubrication、dispersing、fiber and water retention, it can be applied to industries like medicine、fertilizer、pulps、ceramics、detergent、cosmetics、heat treatment、water treatment、fire fighting and oil exploration etc. It is non-toxic、non-irritant, and it will not g...[more]

PEO for paper industry PEO for paper industry -
PEO use in the papermaking industry:
For long stapled dispersant
        In manufacturing bumf, napkin, teabag’s filter paper, handkerchief paper and cardboard, use PEO for long stapled dispersant, can use lower beating degree of pulp, manufacture good evenness of paper sheet, moreover the plasticity and strength of paper is better, and can reduce the cost at the same time.
For filling’s retention agent

Poly ethylene oxide Poly ethylene oxide - PEO

Retention aid in papermaking (PEO)
        Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO) is linear and high molechar polymer. It has good water-solubility, lubricity, thermoplastic hot melt and reducing rent performance, its water solution has high viscosity and superior stringiness, it is used widely in papermaking industry as pulp dispersant which use in papermaking. Short fiber paper which containing filling and paints in the process of papermaking can...[more]

PEO PEO - HUT299-1
poly ethylene oxide

comparision Molecular
(x1000) Viscosity of solution wt% mPa.s
HUT299-1 ...[more]

Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Poly(Ethylene Oxide) -
Poly(Ethylene Oxide) 1.       USAGE: Poly(ethylene oxide) resins are high molecular weight homoploymers produced by the heterogeneous catalytic polymerisation of ethylene oxide. The resins are characterised by the structural formula:HOCH2CH2O(CH2CH2O)nH. Poly(ethylene oxide) is water soluble resins. Aqueous solutions with low concentrations are very tacky and sticky. Poly(ethylene oxide) can used as long fibre dispersing agent in manufacture of paper, adhesiv...[more]

PEO-de PEO-de -
Appearance: White Powder   Melting Point: 65 – 67°C   Particle Size: 1000 um throughout   Bulk Density:  approx. 0.3 to 0.5 kg/l   ...[more]

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