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Triphenyl Phosphate Triphenyl Phosphate - TPP
Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP)   Molecular Formula: C18H15O4P
Molecular Weight: 326.29
CAS No.: 115-86-6

Triphenyl phosphate is white flake or crystal, melting point is 47-49℃. It is insoluble in water and soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether and acetone. It can be used as flame retardant in many plastics and resins (such as phenolic resin, cellulose resin, epoxy resin, PVC, PP, PC, ABS and PC/ABS). It also can be used as non-flammable plasticizer or add...[more]

Resorcinol Bis (diphenyl phosphate) Resorcinol Bis (diphenyl phosphate) - RDP
Resorcinol Bis (diphenyl phosphate) (RDP) CAS No.: 57583-54-7

RDP, the chemical name resorcinol bis(diphenyl phosphate) is colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid. It is used as flame retardant for PPE, ABS and PET resins. Low volatility, high heat resistance, suitable for engineering plastics.  Specification Items Index ...[more]

Bisphenol A bis-(diphenylphosphate) (BDP) Bisphenol A bis-(diphenylphosphate) (BDP) - BDP
Bisphenol A bis-(diphenylphosphate) (BDP)   Molecular Formula: C39H34O4P2
Molecular Weight: 628.63
CAS No.: 181028-79-5

BDP is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, a kind of phosphorus halogen-free flame retardant agent, it is insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents like ethanol, benzene, ester, chloroform, etc.

Suitable for production of flame-retardent type ABS/PC alloys, flame-retardent type HIPS/...[more]

Triethyl Phosphate(TEP) Triethyl Phosphate(TEP) - TEP
Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)   Molecular Formula: C6H15O4P
Molecular Weight: 182
CAS No.: 78-40-0

TEP, the chemical name triethyl phosphate, is used as a flame retardant, strength agent of rubber and plastic, the raw material of pesticides, stabilizing agent of resin. It is a coloreless and transparent liquid, melting point –56.5℃, boiling point 215-216℃, flash point 115.5℃, relative density 1.0695(20℃), refractive index 1.4055(20℃). Dissolving in wat...[more]

Tri (2-chloroisopropyl) Phosphate Tri (2-chloroisopropyl) Phosphate - TCPP
Tri (2-chloroisopropyl) Phosphate (TCPP)   Molecular Formula: C9H18Cl3O4P
Molecular Weight: 327.59
CAS No.: 13674-84-5

TCPP, the chemical name tris (2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate, is a low cost chlorine and phosphorous based flame retardant. It has the best hydrolysis stability among currently available halogenated organic phosphates. Can not dissolve in water, dissolve in most organic solvent, and have good compatibility with resins.
Applying as F...[more]

Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP) Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP) - STPP
Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP)   Alias : Pent-sodium Phosphate
Molecular formula: Na5P3O10
Molecular Weight: 367.86
Standard executed : GB/T9983-2004(technical grade)
                                       QB1034-91(food grade)
CAS Number: 7758-29-4


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