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Molecular formula:C5HO5        Relative molecular weight:152.15
Character:(1) Appearance:White crystal powder,with sweet taste,without peculiar smell,with clean cool feeling
(2) Dissolved state:Water solrtion presents defecated transparent,1g xylitol dissolved into about 0.65ml water,slightly dissolvable in ethanol.The melting point of crystal xylitol is in 92-96oC,and the density (20oC)=1.5g/cm
Inplementation standard:FAO/WHO FCC IV    Purity:>98.5%
Application:Mainly used as the sweetener in food industry
       (1)Used in food industry:The characteristic in anti-decayed tooth is better than that of fruit sugar and cane sugar.Because xylitol can not be used by the bacteria of decayed tooth,it does not generate acid in mouth,maintain mouth to be neutral,may preventtooth from acid erosion.Therefore,xylitol,being sweeting agent,may be widely used in anti-decayed tooth food.
       (2)Make use of the characteristics of cooling feeling and sweet taste of xylitol and without reaction when heated,stable characteristic,has moisure absorption and is not fermented by microzyme,etc,using it in dim sum,candy,chocolate,food and tin beverage as sweeting agent can maintain longer softness than that of cane sugar,prolong its guarantee period.
       (3)As the substitute of family sugar,may prevent having too much cane sugar and cause fatness and diabetes.
       (4)As the completion material of medicine industry,substitute grape sugar,it is the healthy food of diabetes patients.
Storage:It should be placed in dry,clena and ventilated environment.And the storage temperature should be below 25oC,relative humidity below 65%.Prevent from moisture,heat and direct sunlight.No placing together with poisonous substances,to prevent from pollution.
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