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sodium silicate

sodium silicate

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Sodium Silicate
sodium silicate, also known as sodium silicate solution, is a colorless, transparent viscous solid.
CAS No.:
13870-30-9Other Names:
sodium silicate; water glass
Modulus: 2.2-2.5 2.6-2.9 3.5-3.7 3.1-3.4
Main properties:
    1, adhesive force and intensity.
    2, good acid resistance.
    3, good heat resistance.
    4, alkali resistance and water resistance
The use of water glass is very broad, almost across all sectors of the national economy. In the chemical system is used to produce silica gel, silica, zeolite, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, silica, silicon layer, and instant powdered sodium silicate, potassium and sodium silicate and other silicate products, is The basic raw material of silicon compounds.
In developed countries, to sodium silicate as raw materials processing products have been developed to more than 50 species, some has been used in high precision and advanced technology in the field; in light of a washing powder, soap and other essential raw material in detergents also water softener, to help settling agent;
in the textile dyeing industry for help, bleaching and sizing; widely used in machinery industry casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives;
in the construction industry for the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid-proof cement waterproofing oil, soil stabilizer, refractories, etc.;
in agriculture can produce silicon fertilizer; addition of Si-Al catalyst for catalytic cracking of oil, soap packing, corrugated adhesives, metal preservatives, water softeners, detergent additive, refractory and ceramic raw materials, textile bleaching, dyeing, and pulp, mining and mineral processing, water, plugging, fire wood, food antiseptic and adhesive system etc.
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